What is Creativepass?

Creativepass is a new membership card which boasts a vast array of benefits for people of any age, from an ever growing number of suppliers, shops, companies and institutions nationwide, focusing on the creative sector. 

These benefits include:

—Limited offers
—Fast-track tickets
—VIP Access (services & places)
—Bonus items
—Consultation / advice & more.

Who is Creativepass for?

Creativepass targets a broad demographic, ticking all the boxes for creatives from any industry or speciality, regardless of their age. From students still studying in their chosen field, to directors running their own companies and studios, there will be appropriate discounts and benefits in place to support each individual with their creative needs and in turn creating a valuable and useful membership card.

People of Print already has a loyal, global audience and a huge reach across various channels and social media outlets. The majority are young professionals with interests in arts, design, printmaking, illustration, graphics, publications, exhibitions, photography, fashion, music and live events. 

The goal is to create the most useful membership card that exists for creatives in the UK.